About Zinovy Shersher     

“I want people to hear the music in my paintings,” says Zinovy Shersher, award-winning Soviet painter, entertainer and composer, who was the first fine artist to combine the passion and mystery of music and art. His distinctive style and genius, which is a mystical amalgam of spirituality, sensuality, and passion. Shersher is an award winning artist, composer and producer, a Member of NARAS music Academy, a voting member of Grammy, a president of Ariel Records International label. During the past 3 decades in America, Zinovy wrote and produced number of great song and music albums, participated in music videos, animated features and movie scores including “The Hunt for Red October” with Sean Connery and “Lucky Numbers”. He has been prized by celebrities from Cher to Elizabeth Taylor, California Community Foundation, The City of Los Angeles and others. More than 100 articles, TV and Radio interviews have been devoted to him. His biography is in the “Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America”, “Who’s Who in Art” and “Who’s Who in the West”.  His performances in America and Europe are one of a kind as he creates a symbiosis between art and music.

Enter the world of Zinovy Shersher. 

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