Zinovy Shersher                   BIOGRAPHY


"...I give his tunes my highest marks...

...His voice is so different and interesting that listeners will be compelled to sing along..."

Dianne Bennett, formerkk music columnist for the Hollywood Reporter

           An internationally celebrated musician,

performer and artist, Zinovy Shersher was born in the former Soviet Union. where he was known as Zinovy Tumanov, unable to use his true name.This fact underscored his perpetual struggle for artistic freedom in the U.S.S.R.

          Shersher immigrated to the United States in 1980 where he was able to reclaim his name and make a new start on his career. Finally free to express his artistic vision fully, Shersher flourished with songs and paintings of newfound brilliance.


His success has continued throughout his two decades in America, featuring international tours and art shows, and worldwide acclaim

During past 2 decades Zinovy Shersher wrote and produced 3 song albums: "STRING", "DREAM" and "BROKEN STRING". In 93 he released his Christmas record "MERRY CHRISTMAS, I WROTE THIS SONG FOR YOU", a hartwarming mix of 5 original songs and instrumentals and 5 licensed Christmas Carols.

Zinovy also participated in music videos and movie scores including "The Hunt for Red October”.

On February 2003 Shersher recorded his 2 originals with 118 musicians Mosfilm orchestra in Moscow and wrote number of songs for Russian singer stars. Lately Zinovy co-produced a joint album with Conductor and Arranger Shelly Cohen (former assistant director of NBC orchestra) and his “Pacific "Pops" orchestra. Their album "Color the world with music" features exciting arrangements of time honored standards and new songs and compositions by Zinovy Shersher. The album was released in August of 2004 and was aplied for Grammy. Shersher's musical and artistic talents are harmonized in paintings, which combine his emotions and culture into passionate melodic images.


Zinovy Shersher

composer, performer, producer artist


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