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“I want people to hear the music in my paintings,” says Zinovy Shersher, award-winning Soviet painter, entertainer and composer, who was the first fine artist to combine the passion and mystery of music and art.
His distinctive style and genius, which is a mystical amalgam of spirituality, sensuality, and passion – along with his Judaism made him a dangerous force for the Soviets who unsuccessfully tried to silence his art.
With a strong, secret, underground cult-following from high-ranking members of the Soviet art and music community, he made his way to America.
From there he made history.
Zinovy, who has collaborated with the finest American and European artists and galleries, whose work has been prized by celebrities from Cher to Elizabeth Taylor, and scored “The Hunt for Red October” has recently set- tled in the mecca of the most exciting, trending city in the world; Las Vegas.
“Zinovy Shersher’s work creates a unique, capricious and dynamic form, filled with interplay between space and color. It displays a mature, personal esthetic and world view…” — Sam Feiginov, Ph.D
Among his many featured works, he created a 2,000 square foot mural entitled “We Have a Future” which earned him numerous awards, as well as the Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles. He was com- missioned to do a painting with the portraits of First Oscar winners for the 65th anniversary of the Academy Awards. In addition to galleries, such as Wentworth Publishing, Dyansen, Zinovy was a partner in the Sherberg Gallery in Los Angeles. He was also represented by the R&S Gallery of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Hol- lywood Entertainment Museum.
During the past 3 decades in America, Zinovy Shersher wrote and produced 4 song albums in Russian and 4 CD albums in English. In 2003 he released his first Christmas record “Merry Christmas, I wrote this song for you”, a heartwarming mix of 5 original songs and instrumentals and 5 licensed Christmas Carols. In 2005 Shersher co- produced a joint album with Conductor and Arranger Shelly Cohen (former assistant director of NBC’s Tonight Show orchestra) and conductor of his “Pacific “Pops” orchestra. Their album “Color the world with music” features exciting arrangements of time honored standards and new songs and compositions by Maestro Zinovy Shersher. The album was applied for a Grammy.
Shersher participated in music videos, animated fea- tures and movie scores including “The Hunt for Red October” with Sean Connery and “Lucky Numbers”.
He is an award-winning member of The Oil Pastel Association. More than 100 articles, TV and Radio interviews have been devoted to him. His biography is in the “Encyclope- dia of Living Artists in America”, “Who’s Who in Art” and “Who’s Who in the West”.
Zinovy’s sold out one man shows, his galleries, and his performances in America and Europe are one of a kind as he creates a symbiosis between art and music. Each excites, each inflames on its own. When together, the master creates an event! Together, the master creates an exquisite experience, filled with passion, pathos. It is an unparalleled emotional journey.
Enter the world of Zinovy Shersher.

Marnie Winston, writer

Others About Z. Shersher

Zinovy Shersher is extremely talented both as a musician and a fine artist. He is comfortable using oil, acrylic or pastels to create his pictures. His figurative painting themes include lovers, introspective women or couples, portraiture and people making music (as can be expected.) He often employs flowing rhythmical linear draftsmanship to create his graceful,… Read more “”

Robert Rotshild, Art collector, Critic

You are indeed a gifted singer+songwriter. Common skills are deteriorating at a rapid pace which some multi gifted Artist like you do. Yours truly.

Lord Eric Alexander

Zinovy Shersher, your art speaks for itself & i’m glad i’ve found this page. I have three words for you: AMAZING & GOOD LUCK!

Zak Clinton

It’s powerful, and at the same time gentle, you want to smile, and you feel happy. Thank you, Zinovy!

Tatiana Ritchie

“This makes me cry Zinovy…absolutely beautiful. The artwork is incredible and the music….wow. I will meditate on this all day today.” “You are the Beautiful One…Be even more blessed. I want to see the world through your eyes…

Clarissa Middleton, Goodwill Ambassador