Others About Z. Shersher

Zinovy Shersher is extremely talented both as a musician and a fine artist. He is comfortable using oil, acrylic or pastels to create his pictures. His figurative painting themes include lovers, introspective women or couples, portraiture and people making music (as can be expected.) He often employs flowing rhythmical linear draftsmanship to create his graceful, elongated forms. Zinovy creates many of his paintings by blending the elements of elegantly linearity, abstracted or cubistic spatiality, soothing and pleasantly harmonious color palettes, and compositions that knit the figures together expressively.
Zinovy also wants to explore new means of expression and wants to use brighter more vivid colors in some paintings. He is doing a series of more abstracted, even non-objective, paintings in order to branch out in new directions. Some of these works are refined, controlled, and rather calmly painted. Some others of these non-objective paintings contain explosions of bright colors and are painterly in brushwork and style.
I am happy to have Shersher’s painting “Five” in my collection.

Robert Rotshild, Art collector, Critic

You are indeed a gifted singer+songwriter. Common skills are deteriorating at a rapid pace which some multi gifted Artist like you do. Yours truly.

Lord Eric Alexander

Zinovy Shersher, your art speaks for itself & i’m glad i’ve found this page. I have three words for you: AMAZING & GOOD LUCK!

Zak Clinton

It’s powerful, and at the same time gentle, you want to smile, and you feel happy. Thank you, Zinovy!

Tatiana Ritchie

“This makes me cry Zinovy…absolutely beautiful. The artwork is incredible and the music….wow. I will meditate on this all day today.” “You are the Beautiful One…Be even more blessed. I want to see the world through your eyes…

Clarissa Middleton, Goodwill Ambassador